Our passion with eating healthy has extended into our very own range of BLAST Food!


It is a personal journey of founder Wayne Collin - "it's a passion to improve people's health  and provide products  that will assist them to move towards better health and away from dreaded disease.

All our Blast meals are designed to reduce inflammation including nutrient-dense and alkalising ingredients.

BLAST Food emphasises plant-based foods while minimising animal products and processed items. We believe in nourishing the body with clean, natural ingredients that are as close to their natural state as possible. No refined sugars or preservatives are added to the meals. All meals are balanced with only good fats, natural herbs and spices, high quality animal protein, sustainable caught fish, gluten free grains and loads of colourful green vegetables.

They are perfectly portioned into single and double portions and are currently available at Mount Edgecombe Spar. Currently we  have a frozen range but are extending into a "fresh-meal" range which will be ready by the end of the year. From next year the BLAST meals will start filtering into other Spars around the country so watch this space!