BLAST Client Testimonials

 "Still my number one result and inspiration from BLAST: my daughter Ashleigh; her transformation over 12 months is incredible! She decided it was time for a change and I was there, ready to help her. We took it 3 weeks at a time to eliminate non-nutritional foods and replace them with healthy choices. With very little fitness ability, the training started slowly with some aerobic walking 3 times a week for 20 minutes. As we progressed, we moved into some resistance training, while keeping her body out of a stressful environment. The final results - an incredible weight-loss of 27kg and 20% reduction in body fat! Thank you Ash for being my inspiration! So proud of you my angel! Love you - Dad!"


"The BLAST EXPERIENCE - what an exciting and motivating way to kick-start my needed weight-loss for summer by a great training programme and refreshing eating plan. I have found my first two weeks on BLAST to be challenging but at the same time rewarding. I have lost 3kgs and am already feeling so much better. My energy levels are high, I am sleeping so well and really look forward to my training each day. Thanks, Wayne for your support and guidance and daily motivational SMSes. It makes me feel part of a larger programme but gives me the space to do it in my own time. It's my new lifestyle change."


"Well, what can I say, the best and most effective weight-loss and exercise programme I have ever taken on. Having lost another 3kgs in only three weeks, whilst bumping up my fitness level to a level I never thought I would achieve, is absolutely amazing. Thank you, Wayne for your support and encouragement, you're the only way I could have achieved these results in such a short space."


"Phase 1 has been an awesome start to our BLAST experience - my daughter (15) and I have lost 6kgs between us in 3 weeks but, even better than that, our energy levels are up and that constant exhaustion I have felt for years has disappeared - all through eating the right things! Wish I had found out about Wayne years ago! Can't wait for our phase 2 to begin."


"BLAST gave me a reason to believe that I can achieve my goals if I seriously put my mind to it. It has always been a struggle for me to lose weight, as my body gets to use to diets too quickly. Since joining the BLAST experience I have lost 3kgs; although it has been an extremely tough achievement for me, I truly do believe in this experience. Not only have I gained more confidence in my body from seeing a constant change on a weekly basis, but I feel more energised and positive. Wayne, you have been truly inspiring in helping me achieve my goals, and although it’s taking some time with me, you have always been patient and given me excellent advice. I look forward to progressing with the BLAST experience and achieving my end goal."


"Wayne, you never cease to surprise me. I've tried most diets and have all the books to prove it. Just when I had given up, you introduced me to your BLAST programme. Something I have learnt is that we are all very different when it comes to nutrition and you have nailed that one right on the head. It's been 8 weeks and I have lost 10kg. Your customised approach works like no other book or approach on the net. Thanks for all the help, see you on a start line soon."


"My BLAST experience - I have changed shape and lost 4kgs. I've enjoyed trying the variation of foods, I've enjoyed the structured training week. This is the longest I have stuck to a plan - ever! I think it really helps with mixing it up every 3 weeks as well as the fact there is no place to hide from the coach!"


"The BLAST customised eating and training programme really works for me, the food is delicious and the diet changes every three weeks to keep the meals exciting. Wayne, through all of your support and guidance I have been able to stick to the diet for 7 weeks and have lost a total of 8kgs. You have managed to design a fitness programme that fits in with my school sport and have changed my whole way of thinking about food and nutrition. You have helped me to achieve so much already and I look forward to the future and what more I can achieve with the BLAST programme."


"There are few sweeter words for me than hearing 'you've lost weight'. But as well as having lost weight, I'm feeling amazing and recovering like I've never done before. I feel that for the first time in years I'm fuelling my body instead of fighting a food battle. Thank you for being so available for all my questions and for your constant encouragement. It truly has made all the difference. My self-confidence may just be on its way back!"


"Thank you, Wayne, for all your support and encouragement. Most of all, as a foodie I am actually loving the meal programme - healthy varied and oh, so tasty and I am constantly finding new ways to cook all this gorgeous fresh food! And better still, my husband is loving it too."


"I approached Wayne 21 days ago… I had to swallow my pride, make myself vulnerable and ask for help, despite having the years of fitness knowledge and experience behind me. It took tremendous courage but I knew I could trust Wayne."


"Wayne adapted my eating and introduced me to an alkaline diet which included a variety of tasty meals that ensured I was never hungry. The 2 x hourly walks twice a week and the hill challenges physically challenged me, as I felt my heart was going to explode! There were days when I wanted to quit as my body ached, or I longed for a glass of wine, or I could not sleep, but Wayne's daily coms kept me going and kept me committed."


"Whilst I still have a long way to go, I am grateful to Wayne for having got me back on track. I have lost 7kgs in 21 days, which has boosted my confidence and self-esteem. Thanks, Wayne, for being so supportive and encouraging, as this has made my journey easier."


"Ok, so when my 7 year old daughter said "Mom, you are always on diet, but never lose weight", I realised I was clearly doing something very wrong (yes, I have tried every diet out there). Thanks to my friend, Lauren Uys, who introduced me to BLAST and Wayne, I have lost just under 5kgs in 4 weeks. I am actually staying awake later than 8pm. On top of it all, I am never hungry, which is a first for me. Every meal fills me up and keeps me going to the next meal and the food is divine. Not only have I lost weight, but I have learnt to cook a bit more and cook delicious healthy meals. For the first time in years I am actually excited about summer! Thank you, Wayne. Now for a BLAST recipe book."


"I have lost 10kgs so far, and I feel awesome both mentally and physically. Mentally, I’m sharper. Physically, I have more energy and am less lethargic. I always thought I had a big tummy because I was overweight, but after changing my eating, I could tell a huge difference - my tummy bloat started going away. Now, I realise it’s related to the foods I was eating. Another great improvement has been sleep! I have had insomnia my whole life, struggling to get to sleep each night. I would lay for hours in bed, wishing I were asleep. I fall asleep more easily now and sleep through the night. A big change for me was to learn how to cook. I never ate real foods prior to talking to Wayne and going on his BLAST nutritional and training programme. I would eat microwave meals and pre-packaged foods. But now I am motivated to cook because I know how much better I’ll feel eating real food. So, has BLAST changed my lifestyle? YES, YES, YES!"


"I started BLAST on 31 October, needing to lose 20kgs and in a bad space mentally and emotionally. I needed to learn to treat my body like a temple and needed much nourishment on an emotional, mental and physical level. In six weeks - and despite a hectic and highly sociable start to the silly season - I have lost 8,8kgs! More than the weight-loss, I have never, ever felt healthier. My palate has changed completely; I do not eat nearly as much animal protein as before and carbs just don't do it for me! I drink less wine. I lust after greens. As a wannabe chef and long-time lover of fine wine and cuisine, I have learnt a completely different way of cooking and life and my husband and I are loving it! I have a way to go still, but the journey has been amazing and - most importantly - I have never felt healthier. People comment that my hair is shinier and that my skin is glowing. BLAST is a way of life that is all encompassing and, best of all, anyone can do it! Thank you, Wayne, for introducing me to this lifestyle change - which is a forever change."


"I've been training with Wayne Collin, who has helped epic cyclists I know of. I've worked with Wayne now for close on 9 months and he has been on the button every time. There are lots of coach experts with no experience and plenty of theories. The key is to find the best (Wayne) and work with him only, that's what I've done and the results have been incredible. Wayne is holistic in that he helps with training, nutrition, vitamins and diet. The only way to do this is through a holistic approach. I've lost nearly 12kgs, am riding at the front of most groups with Wayne's help and am ready for epic in 4 weeks."


"I just want to thank you for all your help. I believe I’m ready to do this on my own now. I have lost 9kgs since I’ve started with you. More importantly, my eating lifestyle has changed dramatically. I don’t eat bread, I don’t take sugar or milk in my tea. You’ve given me enough eating suggestions to sustain this way of life. I have referred a number of people to you and will continue to advocate BLAST, as I really believe it is life changing. Thanks once again for your assistance."


"After years of yoyo dieting and bingeing, my sister recommended I try BLAST after what she had seen and read on Facebook. I must say, I was very sceptical that it would work but promised to have an open mind. I slogged through the first 21 days, which - I won't lie - were hard, but I pushed through. And boy, oh, boy am I glad I did. I am 9 weeks in and have lost a total of 9,2kgs. Added to this, I feel good knowing my body is clean and - hooray - finally I feel less exhausted! I am more than halfway to my goal weight and have never been more proud of what I have accomplished, thanks to Wayne and his incredible programme! Try it, you won't be sorry!"


"I thought I would share… I have diligently maintained the blast eating programme and added in 2 protein shakes a day. I'm down 9kgs and dropped a pant-size and a notch on my belt. My body fat has dropped 10%, I'm just as strong in the gym and running 5kms twice a week. I have more energy and have no need or desire for supplements, no bloating or heartburn. The plan and eating lifestyle has changed the entire way the family and I look at food. 5kgs still to go!"


"Hi Wayne, thanks for placing me on this incredible journey and proving to me just how wonderful real food is. I have been struggling for months now to lose 3kgs as, being a mom of two little ones, running my own business and trying to be the best wife means very little time for me. As a result, I would regularly skip meals, as there was simply no time to eat - just the odd snack on the go. Although I always thought I was healthy, I can honestly look back and realise how wrong my choices were, as they were all processed options. Six weeks ago, I started your programme, as I wanted to make a change and support my husband. It has been the best decision of my life! The daily meal programme tells me what to buy and what to prepare. I am organised and now have my meals ready to eat, even at my desk! I have learnt so much and never felt better - both in control and very energetic. I feel clean and your BLAST programme has reaffirmed which foods I do and don't like. It's amazing and satisfying, and I am so pleased to be part of your success story. I am so close to goal weight and my body fat is down to 12 percent. I'm lean and stronger than ever and the best part is: I get to enjoy eating! Thank you, Wayne, you deserve every bit of success."